EMSRP – Essence Therapy

EMSRP – Expressive Meta-Schematic Re-Patterning

EMSRP consist of series of 7 steps. Each step has a positive purpose and enables a person to release and reduce the effect of a negative self belief and to build self confidence to fully be yourself wherever you are and whoever you are with. Each step is tailored to you to match your experiences and capabilities.

Step 1 – Fully Informed Consent

We believe that you should know exactly what the therapy involves are every stage and what roles you and your therapist, Steve Harold plays. For this reason this step is without charge. We usually recommend that once you have experienced this first step that you at least take 2 weeks to consider whether you want to start your EMSRP sessions.

essence therapy derbyshireStep 2 – Revealing Your Shameful Self Belief

This exposes a central belief that you have developed since you were a child. This negative belief influences all your decisions. Popular examples of this belief are “I am nothing”, “I am worthless”, I am useless” etc. Releasing this belief and owning it, even though it isn’t true, is a big stem to being free of it’s limiting influence on you.

For most people its a real insight into why they behave the way they do.


Step 3 – Learning how to “parent” yourself

No one on a white charger is going to come and rescue you as an adult. You have to learn how to become your own best friend and nurture your shamed and yet authentic self to come out and play. You do this through consciously constructing “rights” that protect you and also boost your self worth. When you feel of value you are much more likely to take control and make healthy life choices.

Step 4 – Auditing Relationships

We often turn up to relationships that have an unhealthy aspect to them. May be we are the butt of someone’s constant jokes or they always expect us to be at their beck and call. Auditing the roles and responsibilities in current and past relationships against your new “rights” highlights how much you have been putting up with. Of course there are relationships that may reveal that you are the user too.

Having conversations about roles and responsibilities can be very empowering and holds the possibility for deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Step 5 – Utilising Past Experiences

This step uses past experiences when you felt misunderstood, unfairly treated or used by an adult for their own amusement. It reinforces your growing self value and self parenting skills based on your rights.

Healing the past hurts and upsets through a conversation of love and acceptance provides a break through to self acceptance and becoming your own best friend rather than you most critical confidant.


Step 6 – Releasing the Internalised Limitations of Parents

As much as your parents may have had good intentions, their way of thinking about the world may limit your choices. Even though they may be living miles away, your internalised version of “what would Dad say?” or “Mum would not approve” can still influence and stop you going for what you really want.

In this crucial step you “sack” the internalised versions of your parents, known as introjects, and take on the role of parenting yourself. Again many people find that this leads to a better relationship between you and your parents as you release them and allow them to be whoever they are.


Step 7 – Living in Essence

This step focusses on those environments, people and activities that you know feel just right for you. On these occasions you really allow your essence to flow and the time just seems to fly past. It’s often when you forget about the past and don’t worry about the future as you immerse yourself in the moment of now.

People often refer to this as being in the zone.



Your experience of the process of Essence Therapy using EMSRP which include your milestones, achievements, breakthroughs and insights are summarised. You are invited to go back into your world feeling positive, confident and in control knowing that whatever ups and downs come your way, you have the resources to handle them.